Chocolate-Covered SunButter-Pumpkin Truffles

I’m not one to get on the pumpkin spice bus, but I’ll hop on board for these bad boys. Creamy, smooth spiced pumpkin truffles are loaded with SunButter goodness, then rolled in toasted sunflower seeds, and dipped in a chocolate coating.


If you have leftovers, store them in the freezer—the filling gets transformed into a fudgy texture that’ll basically succumb to a midnight snack the day they’re made.

This is the third recipe I’ve developed for SunButter, one allergy-friendly brand that is a staple in my kitchen.

You can adapt this dessert to your tastes or what you have on hand: try a mixed berry or peach filling, top with a chocolate ganache or a whipped topping (with or without the caramel!), or make the crust in a muffin tin for a tart-sized treat.

You can head on over to the SunButter website for the full recipe here: Chocolate-Covered SunButter-Pumpkin Truffles, and be sure to Like them on Facebook (and me, too!) to see even more allergy-friendly (and oh-so-good) recipes, too.

You can also check out my first two recipes for them here: Double SunButter Hi-Hat Blondies and SunButter Caramel Cookie Strawberry Pie.


(Disclosure statement: I received monetary compensation and free product from SunButter from a recipe development partnership. I only, however, promote and partner with companies I love and use regularly in my own kitchen. As always, all opinions and recommendations expressed are completely my own.)


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